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Gas Scrubbing
Gas scrubbing consists of solubising a gaseous pollutant in a liquid. This liquid can be either water or water with a reagent or a solvent. There are different types of gas scrubbers i.e. random packed scrubbers, spray gas scrubbers and venturi scrubbers. The choice of which type/model to be used depends on the characteristics of the gas to be removed.

Extraction of vapors from the surface treatment baths and treatment to legislation. Shivas will be your partner in helping 'you' choose the most appropriate solution for the design of the fume capture and extraction systems, chemical and mechanical engineering of the fume scrubbing unit for your needs and assist with the installation and commissioning of the plant to an agreed discharge concentration. In the metal process industry extract and treat the vapors produced by the metal sheets and wires during the pickling process such as hydrochloric acid pickling. Through extraction and treatment, we ensure the well being of the people working with the machines as well as compliance with all the know standards. Shivas offers a complete range of fume scrubbing units backed by a comprehensive design, manufacturing and installation service.

Design & Manufacture
2D & 3D mechanical design. Product design using parametric solid modeling and photo realistic rendering. Injection moulding, plastic extrusion, vacuum forming and rapid prototyping and vacuum casting.
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