Automatic Flux Cleaning & Re-generation System
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Flux regeneration units and filter presses are key equipment in a modern hot dip galvanizing plant. A balanced chemical composition in the flux tank is vital to high quality galvanizing. Normally, fluxes are polluted with iron ions that are dragged in from previous steps in the process. Iron is naturally bond to zinc so an abundance of iron in the flux will inevitably generate large amounts of undesired floating or bottom dross. It is therefore quite crucial to keep iron content in flux under control, avoiding expensive zinc waste in the form of dross.

We Shivas has come up with efficient solutions to continuously abate iron in the flux by adding suitable reagents in the tank, while a separate filter press extracts the oxidized iron on line. A good design of the filter press allows to extract iron without intercepting the indispensable Ammonium and Zinc Chlorides used in flux solutions. Managing the iron abatement system also allows to keep ammonium and zinc chloride contents under control and suitable balanced. Flux regeneration and filter press systems in the Shivas plant are dependable, easy to use and to maintain, so much so that even inexperienced operators will be able to handle them.
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